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Moderna Skulptura Kapisco

Modern Sculpture

The latest sculpture ever is made of Artificial Resin, it can be any shapes you would like to have and you can create any colors you would like to add on it, after that it will looks stunning than you can imagine.

Now a days many designers will have it as a super high lights as possible for some projects, as Hotel, Shopping Mall, Restaurant & Bar, Museum Park, kindergarten, even for a personal residence villa

Samolepljiva Pametna Folija

Self Adhesive Smart Film

The Smart Film has many core technologies and intellectual property rights, independent research and development, professional production and sales of smart switchable glass, PDLC smart film (original film), self-adhesive PDLC smart film. Our products have passed the national 3C, CE and other certifications, and are mainly used in the fields of high-end decoration and functional glass such as building door and window partitions, exhibitions, private houses, etc., and has a broad market prospect. Because our products are sold at home and abroad, thousands of projects have witnessed our strength.

Product Classification in 3 Major Features —— Privacy Protection, Energy Saving, Project screen

Principle: The self-adhesive smart film contains 3 layers: ITO conductive film-Liquid Crystal-ITO conductive film. When the power is OFF, the liquid crystal molecules are irregular, which twist the incoming light and make the smart film “opaque” and When the power is ON, the LC molecules become regular, which allows the light going through

 Privacy Protective through from this smart films, you can switch on and off to make your privacy safe and secure.

UV Protective and Energy Saving, The self-adhesive smart film is also a good choice for heat isolation. It has already become a significant part of the energy-saving system.

Statistics show that, building energy consumption takes up as high as 25% of the world total energy consumption. 1°C lower indoor will cost 6% extra power. Our self-adhesive smart film can keep away certain percentage of UV and IR rays, which helps the user to maintain the building internal temperature and save energy.

Projection screen, Rear projection on the self-adhesive film can generate clear images and videos. Together with IR technology, the user can build a touch screen system up to 150 inches. The self-adhesive film can be used as an E-curtain during the day, while it can be used as additional screen at night.

Suitable for many applications, such as Home, Office Partition, Hotel Partition, Shopping Windows and Facade, Shower Cabinet, Train Station, Hospital, Factory, Bar & Restaurant Decoration etc..

Magnetna šinska rasveta

Attractive latest trend in flexible track lighting: Magnetic track light.

Have you consider installing track lights instead of conventional lighting fixtures like pendant lights and ceiling lights in your house?

With the rise of the minimalist style, more and more modern styles of home or office decoration prefer magnetic track light to present their style.

Magnetic track light system is a new minimalist lighting system that gives opportunity to create magnificent looking of any space, whether it is home, office or catering facility.

It is the latest trend in flexible track lighting, where the light can be easily plug, unplug and slide track lights processes within the track. This guarantees a great freedom of lighting arrangement, as you could change the location of installation of each track light in a few seconds.


Magnetic track light is a low voltage track with the aluminium housing. No tools are required, as adapters of the light fixture are installed using magnets, which gives you the flexibility to combine them in a variety of ways.

Where to use magnetic track system?

Magnetic track system can be use literally everywhere – in bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, office, bar, restaurant, hotel, museum, every modern space and facility. It creates the vertical and horizontal styles on the wall and ceiling to meet with many creative DIY lighting ideas.

Good position and angle of your magnetic light, make you create different layers of lighting in your space. In addition, balanced layers of lighting from magnetic track light give better comfort to the eyes.

What are the components of the magnetic track lighting system?

There are three parts for the magnetic track system: track rail, light fixture and pre-configured corners.

Track rail is made from the high grade aluminum extrusions that can be recessed, surface mounted and pendant installed. It has the invisible conductive copper strip on both sides inside the track and the lighting circuit is max 15amp for this track rail.

 Different light fixtures can be available for the magnetic track light system: spotlights, linear lights, grille lights, wall washers and pendant lights. Each light fixture is designed with the magnetic adapter, which means it is tool free. IT can be positioned and repositioned into the track rail, thanks to their magnetic fixation, making it comfortable for user to adjust the lights based on personal taste or practicality.

Pre-configured corners complete the system that can run up, around and across walls and ceilings. It helps you expand the system’s application range combining same or different sizes of tracks, connected one to another and making stunning shapes.

Magnetic track light – a new vision of a cleaner and tidier look of the entire interior design

The biggest benefit of magnetic track lighting is its safety. Since they don’t require tools during installation, the risk of electrical fires and other hazards that come with hooking up track lighting is eliminated.

Another benefit of magnetic lighting is that you can add many lamps to the track. Magnetic tracks don’t have a predetermined number of bulb sockets, so you can add as many lighting fixtures as you want.

You can find magnetic track lighting in various colors, including 3000K warm white, 4000K-4500k daylight, 6000-6500K cool white. There are also different colors for magnetic rail track, the main one is black, but the white magnetic track is also available. These two tracks’ colors will give a different performance in lighting decoration.

Decorative lighting installation trends in 2018.

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