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What makes us different?

We value diversity and creativity in work, so different backgrounds, ideas and perspectives from our employees make our company stronger and more successful. Kapisco has a strong track record of assisting clients making successful business and insuring complete satisfaction.

With 16 years of experience in Asia, Kapisco is the leading choice for a number of multinational corporations doing business globally.

Whether you need to fulfill your architectural and design needs or reduce efforts and risks in import and export in EU, US or Asia, we will assist and work with you to ensure a successful product development process. We will connect and transfer knowledge between you and suppliers throughout the entire process.


Kapisco is a world-leading company in complete interior & exterior decor.

Comprehensive consulting, dedication to the highest standards, diplomatic know-how and innovative practices when importing or exporting high-end products and services globally.

With our know-how and experience in outsourcing products and services, we establish business and manufacture operations with confidence.

Become essential to our clients by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their preferences in architectural and design needs.

Reducing clients’ efforts and risks in import and export by focusing on the finest high-end market suppliers and providing a high – quality products.


Turning points that we proudly accomplished and lead us forward.


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Years of experience

Our services are carried out by professionals who understand clients’ requirements and assist them in best possible manner.

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Amazing team with international recognition