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Kapisco offers integrated order fulfillment services tailored to the needs of each client.

Worldwide import-export for our clients will be easy with our efficient line transport to European and overseas destinations.

Kapisco manages logistics needs that span all over the world and often require more than just transportation.

The Kapisco team is a global team that provides excellent service, through our unique network.

Our shipping service includes:
  • Warehouse service
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Shipping supervision
  • Shipping to final destination

We are partner with you on every element of shipping across the world: from nation to nation, from state to state and from person to person.

Our service benefits.

We manage every element of shipping across the world.

With our experience and expertise, our clients do not have to worry about managing the complexity of any shipping issue.

Shipping services:

✔Warehouse service
✔Transportation arrangements
✔Shipping supervision
✔Shipping to final destination

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